Facts You Don’t Know About Pi

Facts You Don't Know About Pi
Facts You Don't Know About Pi

We all know Pi (pi or Π) is a mathematical constant having value 3.14159 (approx). We use Pi at many places in maths here and there. But do you think you know all about Pi or if you think Pi is just 3.14159 then my friend you are very wrong.  Here are some facts you don’t know about Pi.

  1. You must have heard that there are records that people want to break and these records are to find out values of pi for some trillion digits. A scientist from Japan in the year 2002 using a powerful supercomputer names SR 8000 found 1.24 trillion digits of pi and created a world record.
  2. Pi is a constant but it has its mysteries. Some say even aliens know all about pi, a crop circle that appears in  Britain after some brain-storming decoding the crop circle assumed to represent first 10 digits of pi.
  3. From our childhood,  we have been taught about the geometry of shapes, formulas for finding out areas and more. Let’s say a circle having radius 1 meter and you have to find its area. You will say it will be Area equals Pi times r squared. So the area of a circle involves Pi and no one knows the exact value of pi this means one can never find the exact(true) value for the area of a circle or for instant circumference.
  4. Over the past century, Egyptologists  have revealed many mysteries related to the Great Pyramid at Giza. Pyramids of Giza seems to approximate pi.  If we consider the vertical height of pyramid as the radius of a circle and the perimeter of the pyramid as the circumference of a circle then the ratio of the circumference of the pyramid to two times the height of pyramid will approximate the value of pi.
  5. In mathematics pi is important and it’s very famous too. In general Pi is the most recognized mathematical constant in the world.
  6. Pi is famous but how much well there is a day knows as “Pi Day“. ”Pi Day” is celebrated on March 14 (which was chosen because it resembles 3.14). The official celebration begins at 1:59 p.m., to make an appropriate 3.14159 when combined with the date.
  7.  Who don’t have heard of this name “Albert Einstein” but, do you know Albert Einstein was born on the Pi Day (14 March 1879).
  8. In fractional form we use 22/7 as the value of pi (approx). but 104348/33215 is the most accurate fraction of Pi.
  9. Remembering the value of Pi has been in fashion for may years. People from all around the world have tried to memorise the value of Pi for up to ten thousand places. Chao Lu holds the world record for remembering the value of Pi up to 67,890 digits.

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