Do you provide FREE Tests/Notes ?
Yes we do provide free tests. To access free tests/notes simply register yourself with us then login with your username and password now goto Quiz/Test section you will see free tests in your account attempt them and see your performance. Similarly you can check Notes section to read our Free Notes.

How can I buy your test?
Presently we are offering 100% Free online mock, subject wise test and notes. So you dont have to pay anything just learn & enjoy.

How can I pay for paid tests?
You can pay via any banks Internet banking, credit card, debit card and master card. We do not store any details related to that. Our site is fully equipped with countries leading payment gateway. Buying test from us is always a click away from you.

How your Tests are conducted?
All tests are Computer Based Test (CBT) to give a real feel of present scenario of Bank related examination..

When you buy any test from us you get some credit in your account. Each time when you attempt any paid test the test consumes some credit from your account. How Credit works: Latest say you bought mock ABC. And to attempt mock ABC you need 100 credits i.e you have to pay 100 to buy this test. By default when you buy mock ABC you will get 100 credits in your account that you can verify in your account's section. Now when you attempt test ABC for only the first attempt test will consume 100 credits from your account after that as per your subscription month(s) you can attempt test ABC as many times you want this is what we say attempts are unlimited.

Transaction Successful
The paid test you have just bought from us will start reflecting in your account (the one you have created by registering with us) as credit immediately after your purchase. Now you can attempt/read the test/notes you have just bought.

Payment Cancelled
This means you have cancelled your payment before the transaction gets completed. If that is the case we recommend that you try again. Your money is always safe with us. As our payment gateway follows 100% buyers protection.

Transaction Failed
Due to some unforeseen circumstances your transaction has failed. If money have been debited from your account don't worry you will get it back. If you are unsure you can drop us a mail (engineersquiz@gmail.com | support@engineersquiz.com) or call us (+91 7065 220 572). we will get back to you very soon.